Are You Meeting Your Customers ‘Digital’ Needs


Technology is playing an ever increasing part of all of our lives and that certainly includes

the lives of your customers.

When you take a look around you can’t help but see that the phone is never far from

people’s hands and that includes your customers. That’s what they do – so why not

capitalise when they are in your business.

When Once is Enough

All you need to do is have them connect with you once and you’ll be able to engage with

them directly. The Smart phone has overtaken all other devices as the chosen way to

connect to the internet.*

AnsaTag offers a solution to make this happen… it doesn’t matter if your customers are

Millennials or Silver Surfers, the process is the same.

AnsaTag works by adding interactivity to anything.

1) Information is transferred and saved to a customer’s mobile phone at the point of


2) Any mobile phone – anywhere

3) It’s simple and there’s no App required

By being involved now you will be getting ahead of your competitors and offering added

value to your customers.

Let’s start something – for more information about building your business simply follow the

AnsaTag link.

Andrew Bond

Andrew Bond is Head of Marketing for Sherwood Digital and supports and advises companies on Marketing

Strategy –


*Ofcom/Communication Market Report – Aug 2015

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How to connect with your customer through the fog of ‘Big data’


How to connect with your customer through the fog of ‘Big data’

The process of keeping the customer close to your business is getting harder to do. It’s

easier for business to access information about the market place or even the customer base

as a mass group… but finding a way of directly engaging with your customer is getting more


It’s solving this problem that AnsaTag has been working on and their system of dynamic tags

is making the journey of engagement with the customer a cleaner and clearer process. At

its core Ansatag enables the business to engage, promote, inform directly to the customer.

Simplifying how a customer can get the information they require.

Communicate directly with your Customer

“We worked with our customers to solve a problem and AnsaTag specifically gives business the tools

to communicate directly with the customer.” Ian Cunningham the Creative force behind Ansatag.

“We’ve long maintained that companies should support their own platform which directly benefits

the business and their customers. This can be something as simple as having posters ‘talk’ to the

customer to passing on specific details to a customer and best of all, because it’s dynamic, you have

full control of the content. The customer will only see the latest version.”

Digital connectivity is growing, it’s predicted that by 2020 the value put on the Internet of Things will

be $1.7 Trillion* a year, bringing together an estimated 25 billion ‘things’ **

So we know the amount of Data is ‘big’ and growing and the number of ways people will pick up on

this data is also growing. That’s why combining both Big data and the IoT needs to be focussed to

bring you closer to the customer.

Anstag is one way you can engage with the customer in a bespoke and personal way.

If your thought process is about the customer and having quality of information above quantity then

Big data and the IoT becomes your companion.

To find out more about how AnsaTag can work for you and your business or if you simply need some

Digital support then please contact Ian Cunningham

Andrew Bond

Andrew Bond is Head of Marketing for Sherwood Digital and supports and advises companies on Marketing

Strategy –


*IDC Worldwide Internet of Things Forcast 2015-2020

** Gartner Newsroom

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Welcome to The Internet of NANO things!


Professor Javier Garcia-Martinez from the University of Alicante has recently published a report as a contribution to the World Economic Forums report “ The Top Ten Emerging Technologies of 2016”.

In it Professor Garcia-Martinez explores the general topic of the Internet of Things and how it relates to what will be billions of devices that will be connected to the cloud.

His report is titled “Here’s what will happen when 30 billion devices are connected to the Internet”

He raises the possibility of the expansion of the Internet of Things into micro-processors that can be so tiny that they can be placed inside the human body and can then transmit alerts when things are not functioning as they should.

Imagine that?! A tiny nano-processor that is monitoring your essential health and vital functions 24 hours a day. Your own unique on-board physician.

Bring it on!

The full report can be read here.

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